Everyday Flowers

Sybil's Philosophy:  I refuse to place my delivery arrangements in unattractive containers that people will store in a cabinet and never use again. We deliver bouquets in a beautiful vase or “hand-tied” bouquets wrapped in cellophane. With this emphasis on the flowers, everyone wins: You put your thoughts into the floral arrangement, and the end result will perfectly complement the person’s home or office.

Party or House Flowers, Casual

Party or House Flowers, Dressy

Sybil's Philosophy: Many times, I feel as if the bride is my own daughter, and I want her to have the perfect wedding of her dreams. When planning the wedding, I take her under my wing, and together we work toward creating the special day.

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Sybil's Philosophy: Whenever you’re planning an event, there are many details to remember and pitfalls to avoid. Many times, the plans revolve around a theme or specific focus. Be careful not to overdo a theme, as there is a fine line between tasteful and overdone.